How to buy tickets for FIFA World Cup 2018 – Russia


Fifa World Cup tickets are sold through’s ticketing administration and first it was started on September 14, 2017 .

FIFA at first uncovered that tickets would go discounted in two stages, which would then be isolated into two phases.

The principal phase of stage one kept running from September 14 to October 12. Amid this stage, all candidates had a similar possibility of getting tickets through an arbitrary determination draw, with notice made by November 16.

The second stage of phase two was started from March 13 and ended on April 3 being allocated on the basis of first-come, first-serve.

There is also last-minute sales phase, which will be from April 18 to July 15 – the day of the World Cup final.


How much do World Cup tickets cost?

Fifa World Cup Tickets


The table below shows the price conversion from U.S. dollars to British pounds as of December 2017.

Match Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3
Opening match (1) £412 £292 £165
Group matches (2-48) £157 £124 £79
Round of 16 (49-56) £183 £139 £86
Quarter-finals (57-60) £273 £191 £131
Semi-finals (61-62) £562 £359 £213
Third-place match (63) £273 £191 £131
Final (64) £824 £532 £341


Identification needed:-

All the football fans who are going to the Russia for FIFA world cup 2018 must apply for a FAN ID: a free Official identity required by the Russian authorities. Without the FAN ID, spectator will not be allowed into the stadium during the tournament. This FAN ID has benefits such as visa free entry to the Russian federation. Moreover, free use of public transport on match days. So Fifa World Cup Tickets is enough to have all the fun.

You can also watch Fifa World Cup live match online here

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